Salsa Sol Del Rio

The first ingredient in all our salsas is roasted green chiles from New Mexico.  We make our salsa in the following heat (spice) and flavors

Traditional Recipes

  • Mild:  This will have a little heat to let you know you are eating a salsa but it has the most flavor because when the heat is taken out of the recipe, all the flavors of the ingredients are allowed to come through.
  • Medium:  Kicking the heat up a notch.
  • Hot:  Good heat.  This is not burn your mouth out hot, but has good spice to it
  • Double Roast:  This has a little less heat than the hot, but is made with a double roasted pepper which provides a smoky accent to the salsa.

​Mango  Recipes:  The mango salsas are not a true mango salsa, the are the traditional recipes with mangos added.   They are more of a salsa with mangos.  At this time we only offer the Medium Mango

  • Medium with Mango

Salsa Verde:  A unique recipe with tomatillos as the first ingredient with Roasted Green Chiles as the second ingredient.  Our Verde is available in Mild and Hot.

We make our salsa in small batches in an FDA approved facility.   This small batch production allows us to maintain the quality of our product and the home style taste.  All our ingredients are purchased locally in Georgia, except for the roasted green chiles, which we order from New Mexico.


* Since Salsa Sol Del Rio is made with naturally grown ingredients, there there will always be slight variances in each batch. Naturally grown crops are influenced by the climatic conditions of the growing season and these influences will have a slight effect on the taste of our salsa.  A good example would be a comparison is how the grape growing season influences the taste and character of wine. 

*  Our salsa has a fresh taste to it even though it is a processed salsa.  As the first ingredient, the green chiles come to us roasted, peeled, chopped and frozen so it like using a fresh vegetable and we use fresh onion and cilantro.  We also do not over cook our salsa.

Roasted green chiles from New Mexico is what makes our Salsa tasty and unique. The chiles are the first ingredient in our recipe which is a contrast to most salsas which are tomato based. We bring the chile peppers from New Mexico for in the opinion of many pepper experts, New Mexico is the best area to grow peppers.  We celebrate that connection by incorporating the New Mexico Sun Symbol, the Zia, in our label.




About Our Salsa