Salsa Sol Del Rio

  • Develop and grow our business based on positive values, reflecting Godly principles.
  • Continue to make our salsa in small batches in order to maintain the character and uniqueness of our brands
  • As growth and profitability permits, invest back in the local community 

We are a small local business, located in Smyrna Ga.  Currently, our business is manned and run by me, Tony, and my wife, Beverly.  We are dedicated to providing the best tasting and unique salsa using high quality ingredients.  All our products are hand made in small batches to continue "Bringing a Taste of The Southwest to You."

We started our business in 2009 after both Beverly and I lost our jobs due to the economic downturn.  We started looking for opportunities in which we would be able to apply the business experience we had both accumulated over the years of our careers. I had lived in El Paso for 4 years and in Colorado for 7 years and had picked up a taste for the roasted green chiles that come from New Mexico.  After moving to Atlanta in the late 90's, I could not find a salsa that compared to what I had become accustom out West.  We started working on a recipe based on the roasted green chiles over several years, sharing the results with friends and relatives and adjusting the recipe based on their feedback.   So when our employment situation changed we were basically prepared to start our business. We began in local in local farmers markets and began to gain placement in Whole Foods Markets and other local stores.

​About Us