Salsa Sol Del Rio

 Taking Salsa Beyond the Chip!!

Spice and Easy  

The unique flavor of roasted green chiles in Salsa Sol Del Rio can bring tasty flavor and enhance the enjoyment to your favorite foods.  
​Sol Del Rio can kick up the spice and flavor in just about any food. Here are some serving suggestions for Salsa Sol Del Rio in your food dishes. 

Traditional Suggestions
• Mix Sol Del Rio with your guacamole for a great dip
•  Layer Sol Del Rio on your Nachos
•  Complete your tacos  with Sol Del Rio
•  Add to Velveeta ™  for a zesty cheese dip.
•  Wake up your morning  by adding Sol Del Rio and cheese to your scrambled eggs.
•   Add Sol Del Rio to queso for an outstanding salsa con queso.   
Spice up your hamburger and hot dogs with  Sol Del Rio

Quick Serving Ideas:
•   Add a spoon full of Sol Del Rio to these for some zesty taste:   Refried beans, Soup, Chili, Stew
•   Add Sol Del Rio to your baked potato for a healthier alternative to Sour Cream
•   Complement the taste of your chicken, fish or pork by adding Sol Del Rio Mango Salsa to the top of your cooked meat.
•   For a party dish, pour Sol Del Rio Mango Salsa over a block of cream cheese and serve your favorite cracker on the side.

More Tasty Suggestions

•   Simmer cubed chicken or pork in a covered pan with Sol Del Rio.  When cooked, pour over rice,pasta or quinoa.
•  On your pizza.  Use Sol Del Rio on your ready to go pizza crust and add toppings of your choice.
•  Use Salsa Sol DelRio instead of catsup in your meat loaf.
​•  Crock Pot (TM) chicken or pork with Sol Del Rio. 


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