Salsa Sol Del Rio



You find the Zia Sun on the labels of our product and our website.   

​The Zia Sun is a symbol that has strong association with the state of New Mexico.  This symbol of the sun originated with The Zia Indians of New Mexico.    The tribal philosophy, spiritual thinking and the basic harmony of all things in the universe is captured in the symbol.   The circle in the center binds everything together in love and life without a beginning or end.  

The 4 groups of lines radiating from the circle represent major themes found in life and four stages within them.                                          Seasons:     Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter                                               
Direction:   North, East, South, West                                               
The Day:     Sunrise, Noon, Evening, Night                                               
Life:             Childhood, Youth, Manhood, Old Age   

Within the harmony of a great brotherhood of all things, man also has a four sacred obligations:                                               
Develop a strong body                                                 
Develop a clear mind                                                 
Develop a pure spirit                                                 
Develop a devotion to the welfare of his people

The Zia Sun Symbol