Salsa Sol Del Rio

The chile has become symbolic of Southwestern culture and foods.  New Mexico has long been the heart of chile country and considered by most to produce the best and tastiest chiles.  The Missilla Valley running along side the Rio Grande in central, southern New Mexico provides perfect conditions for growing the best chiles;  sunshine (350 days a year) warm dry air cool nights and volcanic soil.

One of the most popular and tastiest chile that is grown in New Mexico is the Annahiem chile peppper and this is the pepper that we add to our salsa.   These peppers are meaty and tasty.

The peppers we use are Non-GMO but by crop selection, the pepper growers have been able to develop varieties of peppers that generate selected levels of capsicums or spice (heat). 

Heat   Variety
MediumBig Jim

New Mexico Green Chile Peppers